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music is emotion.

no matter what our conscious mind is about to tell us we will feel it.


music is the result.

it is the result of a process referring back to our emotions.


my concern is pretty simple.


beside providing excellent acoustic i want to record and produce music

that it remains full of dynamic and sparkling life.


as a song will tell us tales.


so infact it is quite important how it is told.


every emotion and effort we put into something

will re-emerge in the same way.


so tell your tales proper, no matter whereabout or how, with geesifu




The Journey

geesifu - let go

geesifu - satisfied ep

joe gorman - safari

joe gorman is a professional singer and songwriter, guitarist and poet from brisbane. safari is all about his journey up north he went through. proudly put in the limelight by geesifu in joes tidy little homestudio. although limited on gear still sounds quite good. thank you for the great time and see you soon.